Puumaja is taking a deep breath

There’s going to be some major changes coming.
But now we’ll just concentrate on new songs and reinventing ourselves again. And of course we will be spending our massive Spotify-royalties. Feeling like Lady Gaga, almost.

See you in 2010, it’ll be good.

P.S. Listen to the great albums of 2009:

Puumaja: Meriselityksiä, Puk: Koordinaatit, Vuk: The Plains, Plain Ride: House On The Hill, Rollstons: Gauguin’s Trunk, Samuli Putro: Elämä on juhla, Sur-Rur: Sur-Rur, Manna: Songs of Hope and Desire, Oranssi Pazuzu: Muukalainen puhuu, Sister Flo: AU, Samae Koskinen: Elossa, Regina: Puutarhatrilogia, Joose Keskitalo: Tule minun luokseni kulta, Murmansk: Eleven Eyes To Shade…

Prefab Sprout: Let’s Change The World With Music, The Church: Untitled #23, Bill Callahan: Sometimes I Wish We Were An Eagle, Animal Collective: Merriweather Postpavillion, Lou Barlow: Goodnight Unknown, Malcolm Middleton: Waxing Gibbous, Iron&Wine: Around The Well, Grizzly Bear: Veckatimest, Great Lake Swimmers: Lost Channels…