Danish review

There’s a review of Meriselityksiä on a Danish webzine Undertoner. You can find the review here. The semi-kind (3/6) reviewer mysteriously mentions Kings Of Leon three times! That’s a surprise.

Here’s some highlights “translated” with the always reliable Google Translate:

The title of the Finnish Puumajas debut album, Meriselityksiä means something like ‘explanation of the sea’. Their slow, melodic and shoegazer post-rock can be understood, however, without having to explain – without leaving sins track in the listener’s northern interior.

Hmm…? The last sentence is cryptic…

It is incomprehensible to me Finland is both a mystical element – as is the case with Sigur Rós’ impromptu Icelandic / håblandske where the listener can sit back in a dream landscape tones and get lost in music, heather.

>I almost get that part…

Now I say melancholy, and it is also true that one may suspect a certain melancholy in the vocals Mikko Meriläinens introspective vocals, but it is really difficult to speak about when you do not understand a yelp of texts.

Yelp of texts, thats a nice concept…

Best is Puumaja However, when they come in from the postrockede and remain in the shoegazer down-tempo, as they are equally adept.

That sounds almost like a compliment. Thanks!